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Presented at the track and the documents are subject to legal protection. Using them in any way required every time a quotation of the name of its author (along with the source).
Documents presented on the website are works protected by law. Using them in any way requires every time quoting names and surnames of their authors (along with providing source).

W. Wróbel, Opinia do projektu poselskiego ustawy o zmianie ustawy – Kodeks karny i innych ustaw (druk sejmowy nr 236), Biuro Analiz Sejmowych 2006.
(W. Wróbel, Opinion on Deputies’ Bill on Amendment of the Penal Code and Other Acts , Bureau of Research 2006)

It is necessary to preserve an inviolability of the content and form of a work, as well as its fair use.

Without obtaining additional permission from the Chancellery of the Sejm and paying license fees it is allowed to:

- use opinions in terms of one’s own personal use,
- disseminate, for informational purposes, press, radio or television, only a brief summary of the opinion, while maintaining fidelity to the author theses,
- use opinions in teaching or research within the scope of own research conducted by scientific or educational institutions,
- quoting in other works extracts from opinions, to the extent Bring in works representing the entire autonomous extracts of opinions to the extent justified by explanation, critical analysis, teaching, or particularities of a given art.

Upon submitting license fees it is also allowed to:

- including opinions, for teaching purposes, in textbooks and readers,
- including extracts from opinions in anthologies.

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