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About us
The Bureau of Research provides both Deputies and Sejm bodies with a reliable information which allows a safe and effective exercise of a Deputy’s mandate and secures the proper role of the Sejm in the tripartite system of government.
The tasks of the Bureau include:
  • supporting the legislative process with an academic advice,
  • providing expert assistance in the exercise of a Deputy’s mandate,
  • research (law, economy, society) related to the legislative process
  • advising and providing opinions in matters related to Poland’s EU membership
  • cooperation with legal services of the European Union

The tasks are executed by:
  • counselling on a range of legal and systemic topics, in particular
  • monitoring the constitutionality of drafted legal solutions and their compliance with the European law
  • interpreting the Standing Orders of the Sejm and the Act on the Exercise of the Mandate of a Deputy or Senator
  • analyzing the correctness, effectiveness and quality of drafted legal solutions with regard to all fields of law
  • consulting with regard to legal problems directly related to the exercise of the mandate.
  • counselling on social and economic policy, as well as on international relations, in particular on:
    • economic development
    • finances and state budget
    • social development
    • education, science, as well as scientific and technical progress
    • agriculture and fisheries
    • environmental protection
    • regional development
    • state institution and the self-government sector
    • civil society
    • Poland’s position in Europe and throughout the World

Primary Forms of Our Activity

The primary forms of our activity include:
  • providing opinions draft legal acts currently during legislative works
  • assisting parliamentary committees
  • providing answers to Deputy’s requests
  • comparative and interdisciplinary analyses
  • organizing seminars and conferences
  • preparing publications

The Bureau provides service by:
  • preparation of written expert opinions
  • duties of Deputy’s consultants
  • enabling an access to an electronic database of expert opinions.

The Bureau of Research cooperates with academic circles, as well as legal and research services of foreign parliaments, including the European Centre for Parliamentary Research & Documentation. Bureau is also an associate member of EPTA (European Parliamentary Technology Assessment) – a network of specialized organizations which advise their national parliaments on the possible social and economic impact of new technologies.

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